[solved] Send a modbus write event to reset counter

Hi there,

I would like to reset a maximum counter of a device "MaxP+" . The manual shows for this value (high lighted):

Using modbus-write node:

Question: How do I have to set the inject payload to write to 0x0002 ?


Thanks, Frank

Looks like that address is not coil as it talks of sending 0xffff to reset all.

Have you tried FC6 or FC16?

No, becaus I don't know where I have to set the 0x0002 there:
By using FC16, I miss a Field for set the offset. Like shown above,
whats the meaning of quantity? Exactly I need to set Bit 1 of the word
at address 1024.

Solved !!!:


Modbus write have to set as single register and the inceted payload is the value in decimal.
0x0002 is 2 decimal.

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