Something weird with my WAP scanning

Ok, this is not really going to be very well formatted, but it is a sort of strange happening.

I have a couple of WAPs.

I have an arduino connected to a WAP. This WAP is a RPI. When ever a new device connects a request is sent out and the ID is sent back.
That is done with death/birth certificates.
It works. (Well, I hope it does. But for the sake of getting the scenario explained.)

Arduino connects to WAP.
Birth Certificate sent.
RPI (NR) detects Birth Cert and sends out an IFF request.
The Arduino gets that and replies with its IP address and its name.
Then the name is transposed onto my dashboard and the name is displayed rather than the IP number.

All is good. Or should be.

I am seeing a few IFF requests happening now and then.

So to try and work out what is going on, I have another RPI monitoring the WAPs. If there is a change it generates an event log.

This other RPI scans the WAP list every 40 seconds.
On that flow, there is a timeout trigger node which is set to 80 seconds.

But every now and then I am getting messages that BOTH WAPs are down, then the next second they both come back up.

So, I am at a loss to what is going on.

Though my Arduino isn't always sent an IFF request, I am seeing both WAPs go down then a second later, both come back up.
(Well, ok. Look at the picture)
(Luckily about this time the Arduino did get an IFF request. Second picture)
But you can see there is no real time correlation.
(Just on an off bit: How can I add an extra space at the end of "Main" so its length is the same as "TimPi"?)