Split node loses information

Hello there fellow noders!
I have a flow where I query a database for some values. My query returns exactly my last 120 entries of the table in the database. I tried this a great deal of times and it always returns an array of 120 in size. So far so good.
I then use the split node in order to have access to the values seperartly and I forward them further into a function to parse them into float. It looks like this.
What I noticed is that at the exit of the split node, I always only get 99 objects. I don't understand why, is there a limit on how big an array can be split into separate objects? I couldn't find anythin in the documentation.

Hi @t4ir1

Firstly, there is no need to upload pictures to an external service - just paste then in you reply.

No, there is no limit. As you haven't posted an export of your flow or showed us how the split node is setup, is difficult to say.

Not having a limit is great news. Also thanks for the advice regarding the pictures, I had no idea.
Would you give me and advice on how to post an export? It's a whole lot of text.
As for the config of the node it's the default one:

How do you know there are only 99?

I export the results to an excel sheet and count.

Here is an output.

But how do you export to excel. What is the process you use? Using a copy and paste process? Using a CSV node? Writing to file?

You need to share as much info as possible if we are to get your problem resolved.

From the circuit I pasted above, I use a debug node.
I trigger a fetch from the InfluxDB query and it prints out in the debug window. When the debug node is connected at the exit of the InfluxDB node, I see the array with the size 120, when the debug node is plugged at the end of the split node I get a listing of objects on the debug window which I copy paste into excel, create a count function for unique results and it returns 99.

How are you copying 96 individual messages from the debug pane?
Show us a screenshot of what you are copying

the debug output is deliberately limited for performance reasons.

Instead of copying from debug pane, you can use a file node to write the data to file.

Also feed the output of the split node directly into a Join node with default configuration and see what you get out of that.

Hello again, thanks for the help so far.
You are right, the debug window does not contain all the info. I exported to a CSV and it contains infact 120 entries:

That's solved! Thank you!

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