Split node node working - no doubt a user error!

Node red 2.0.6
After an API change my data that I'm feeding into the split node has changed. Now I can't get it to split into separate messages.
The data I am trying to split is shown here

I want to separate out the array with 15 objects so I have separate messages containing startTime and the associated values.

At the moment all I get is a single message showing me the content of the "data" object.

Thanks for looking.

If you require an example please supply the data, an image can not be copied and pasted
if you want the array with 15 items and associated values.
use a change node set to
set msg.payload
untested as no data.

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Noted about data.
Thanks very much E1cid- that was the missing piece of the puzzle. All working as expected now.

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