Split string into different flows

Hello everyone.
Is there a way to split msg.payload string into three diffrent flows.
The input is a message (from twitter) that i need to split into three diffrent flows. The payload has to be cut afer 100 characters, i was already able to do that with the split node but how can i direct the messages to diffrent flows

Like you can see on the picture this is what i would like, but i am not able to achive

well you could do it many ways and here are two:

Use a split node followed by a switch which checks msg.parts.index - have three tests and you get your three outputs. (see https://nodered.org/docs/user-guide/messages#understanding-msgparts)

Use a function node to breakup the data and form three msgs and send them out on three outputs to determine, See https://nodered.org/docs/user-guide/writing-functions#multiple-messages

Thank you very much i totaly forgot that the switch node can have mulitiple outpus. It still was a bit more complicated i uses some converter to get the string into an object to finally add an index so i can sort the messages in the right order.
Have a nice day.

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