Splitting a tcp message into different values

Hi. Im new in node red. Im running it from my raspberry pi 4 and I have a question.
I just want to recieve a TCP message from my ESP32, is actually a set of sensor values, and take only one of those values and use it so that if the value is higher than 1000, turn on one led on the GPIO of the raspberry pi. The thing is that I don't know how to split the incoming message. I configured the incoming TCP to output a stream of a buffer (I don't even know if I'm doing it the correct way), and I found a node to split the incoming message. I made it to split the buffer using the ",", and I didn't use the "Handle as a stream of messages" (If someone can explain to me what that means I would highly appreciate it), And the Array to split it into a "FIxed lenght of 1" (I don't know what that means also). Any help I would really appreciate it. The TCP incoming message is something like "128,232,133,111"

Put up a sample flow with a debug node on the incoming message and show us the format of this message (paste a screen shot of the debug window)

Once we have that we can start trying to figure out what you are looking at.


If you are in control of the code on the esp32 and it’s on the same network as the pi, you could install a MQTT broker on the pi and have the esp32 send the data as an object which may make it easier to use in your flow.

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