Splitting and joining an array


This seems to be an easy one, but I fail :slight_smile:

I am reading a modbus register and get an array back:

I am only interested in parts [0], [3] in order to get back a number: 3579
I was thinking of a split and join node combination
Splitting is easy, I get 4 messages back:


But how can i join/concatenate [0] and [3] in order to get the value 3579 back?

tnx :slight_smile:

Are you certain that is what you want? Seems a bit odd!

Anyhow, since your data is already an array, just concatenate the elements of interest in a function of change node.


msg.payload = parseInt(msg.payload[0].toString() + msg.payload[3].toString())
return msg

thank you, this does the job!
Yes, the values of 0 at position [1] and [2] are strange indeed, but this is what i get back...

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