SSE/Stream with HTTP POST?


any ideas on how to integrate with an API that supports Server Sent Events (SSE) but using POST methods? Been trying the node-red-contrib-sse-client but that seems to only support the GET requests.

Seems to be an increasing trend with using POST for streaming APIs with ChatGPT etc.

Hi @flipzz,
I see that you already have found the original discussion, and that you have already tried to contact the authors of the eventsource library. So that is the most you can do. But if they don't respond, then it will be end of story unfortunately...

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Thanks Bart, yeah I found it.

Let's see how that progresses. Othervize it feels like the SSE/Post-pattern starts to become rather common so maybe I need to do some custom development to get it working in this case.

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Pull requests are always welcome...

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