SSH access to sensor data - ad User ´pi´ and Password to EXEC Node

Hello all,

I have my node red installation running on a NAS. Now I want to realize SSH access to sensor data of my RaspberryPI in the same network.

Normally the access is done via Putty:

I know that I can execute any command via the EXEC Node. But how can I enter the password as well?

looking forward to your answers!

Best regards Hendrik (from Germany)

I dont think you can pass an ssh password with exec node like that .. try bigssh node (havent used it)

Most would recommend creating a python script on the remore PI that sends your sensors data with mqtt to Node-red.
that would involve setting up an mqtt broker (mosquitto)

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You should setup SSH Access via keys, then you won't need to enter a password for the SSH access. I always have to Google for exactly how to do it.

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thank you, the bigssh node works perfectly! Very easy to use.

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