SSL Creation for Heroku & postgres

I am trying to pull data from a Heroku postgres database.

I am running this on a pi.
Current version of Node-Red v3.0.2.

How in the world do I get an SSL Key or certification from Heroku to a file for my node to pick up and use?

I attempted through the CLI (the manual approach suggested from Heroku ,no dice.

Tried to find a way to create a JDBC and pipe logic through there, but not enough docs on JDBC's on RPI to get that setup.

I am using the node "node-red-contrib-postgresql" and getting the following error:

Error: self signed certificate

Any ideas?

Having the same issue here ..

@mihaila-andreas and @wyatthensley
I haven't used the db on Heroku, but I suggest you concentrate on getting the cli approach suggested by Heroku (whatever that is) to work. Once that is going then you know it should be possible to make it work in node-red.

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