Start program on time (schedule tasks)


i have two programs in my homematic ip: "set heating normal" and "set to energy saving" - both change the temperatures to some levels (holiday home).

Now i want to shedule tasks via the dashboard, e.G. a small date/timepicker, then picking program and then it is added to a list.

e.G.: 14.4. 08:00 run_program_normal -> on that timepoint the program is run once
e.G.: 17.4. 08:00 run_program_energySaving -> on that timepoint the program is run once, e.G. after holiday.

Best might be to see all sheduled tasks in a "task list".

how could i do that? :slight_smile:


These links might be useful to you.

Apart from the date picker (which you could add) this demo does what you need...

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