Starting Node-RED on Boot up on Raspberry Pi

hello everyone. I have a problem in my raspberry 3 .when I reboot my raspberry ,node red started but It takes a minute. I've used kiosk mode for show me not find page after 1 minute its reloading and my page appeared.
is there any way node_red configure sooner?

A couple of minutes for a Pi3 to boot and get node-red started sounds about right.

After booting have a look at /var/log/syslog. In there you will see how long after rebooting node-red started. There isn't any way of making that faster that I know of other than getting a Pi4.

thanks for your response.
I cant understand this file.
it is first line in this /var/log/syslog

this picture is about when node red turned on


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The log was rotated at 11:12 so will have to look in the previous log file for the start of the boot. The previous one is called /var/log/syslog.1
Look for lines like
May 5 13:17:23 pi kernel: [00012.505925] .........
where the time in square brackets is the number of seconds since booting, so that line means that the kernel started up at 13:17:10. It takes a few seconds to get the point of starting the kernel so the power up will have been a few seconds before that.

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