STM32 Cubemonitor and saving data to .csv (excel)

Hello all,

I'm using STM32CubeMonitor which is Runtime Variable Monitoring tool and allows non-intrusive debugging off STM MCU's.

Cubemonitor is really nice tool in SW debugging and so far I have just used it to look variables in real time using chart or other dashboard objects.

Now I would really need to log data to a file, but I have troubles to get reasonable format to .csv file and since CubeMonitor is based on Node-RED I thought to ask advice from here.

This is my flow

Now if I just save the msg.payload using "File" object I get data file like this.

First 7 rows show the names of variables that CubeMonitor is reading from MCU.
So each variable has it's own line and for new data point there is data pair ("y":value , "x":timestamp) and are few of these data points in every line, so the format is example:

Variable1 [{y1:value,x1:value},{y2:value,x2:value},{y3:value,x3:value}...
Variable2 [{y1:value,x1:value},{y2:value,x2:value},{y3:value,x3:value}...
Variable3 [{y1:value,x1:value},{y2:value,x2:value},{y3:value,x3:value}...
Variable1 [{y11:value,x11:value},{y12:value,x12:value},{y13:value,x13:value}...
Variable2 [{y11:value,x11:value},{y12:value,x12:value},{y13:value,x13:value}...
Variable3 [{y11:value,x11:value},{y12:value,x12:value},{y13:value,x13:value}...

Now this kind of format is really hard to process and I would like to get each variable into it's own column and also now each variable has it's own timestamp which is really not needed so I would prefer example put timestamp from one variable to column A and then variables values to columns B...H.

So far I have tried to pass that data through "csv" object with different setting and also I have tried to reformat the data using "Function" object but I was not able to get data to a format which I could work with example draw charts etc.

So now I'm asking some advice and would prefer some example how to get this working.

I would also be interested to know how to save example only every 10th data point, since cube monitor can be reading new data from MCU 100...200 times every second.


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