Stock pattern screener

Is there anyway to be able to find certain stock chart patters? I would like to be able to scan all stocks to find a specific pattern or say volume spikes ect. Not sure if it’s possible or not. Thanks !!!

I expect there is if you know what patterns to look for. If you don't then you are looking at using Machine Learning. Some folk here have done some ML but really only around image/video processing which is what all the Internet examples focus on.

Either way, this is really a data processing question rather than a Node-RED one.

If you can give us an idea of the algorithm you want to use, I expect that we might be able to help you implement it in Node-RED.

Ok how about being able to scan stocks for price increase at say 5 10 15% abouve there 10 day adverage volume. Would that be possible you think ?

It is all possible, you just need to work out the algorithms.

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