Stop a running flow

I hope I can explain my functionality well. I have a management environment in which I can start functionality via a menu (flows). Some flows can also start automatically with an injection.

Now I want to be able to start a flow (by example refresh the camera every 5 seconds (that's no problem, i already have this in place) but i also want to be able to stop this running flow, with the dashboard, is that possible?
Is there anything to show the ID of a started flow so that you can also stop the flow with this id, or in another way?

At this moment I use the repeat function for the cam, and use a very large number, but this is not adjustable during execution...

All flows are "running" all the time, in the sense that the nodes are available to receive or send messages when required. If, by stopping a flow you mean interrupting the sequence of messages then node-red-contrib-simple-gate might be useful to you. You can tell it to pass or block messages as required.

ok thanks!

I solved it!
Used a text input node to give a value for the msg.repetitions.
I made a global for this and the flow is reading this value in the loop.
So i can start and adjust the loop during execution..

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