Store and restore node configuration?

Is there a way to anyhow store and restore configurations of nodes regardless of the node having a configuration or not? The problem is that even if a node provides the possibility to configure it, if it does not explicitly provide the possibility to change its configuration via message properties, there's no way to read some settings from db and configure the node with that data.

So I was pondering if it was possible via e.g. the admin api to save the "source" of certain nodes (say email, http request, etc.) then after for example an update from git, those nodes could be looked up from db and be deployed via http admin api calls. The problem with this as far as I can see is that the http admin api cannot get or set single nodes only flows.

The other thing I thought about to solve it with git but I'm not a git guru. Maybe after the first install, a new branch could be created, then configure the nodes, commit and push that change to the new branch. So when an update is necessary from master, we could do a git rebase.

Any hints, opinions are welcome :slight_smile: How are you guys doing it?

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