Store payload value and match previous values

Hi all!

I need to store two values from two differents payloads let's say:

Value 1

payload: object
  event_name: "defect.created"
  payload: object
     id: 99

Value 2

payload: object
   case_number: 53234

Ok, i can retrieve id value from VALUE 1 perfectly but i need to store it somewhere so it can match case_number from VALUE 2.
In this case id 99 should be matched with case_number 53234.

Is there any place where i can store them and make them match?.


You can use a change node and store values in context.

You can use a file node and write it to file

You can use database nodes and write to database.

Uhm ok.

I see that change node doesn't allow me to store the value anywhere.


I saw that previous versions of nodered there is a disk drive icon where you can select the output source where you want to store the value.

By selecting flow.whatever_you_desire you have chosen to store a value in flow context named whatever_you_desire.

This might help you: Working with context : Node-RED

Maybe i will use google sheet to store data and then retrieve it when i need it. I will try it.

You have to define the alternative context storage options in settings.js in order for that disk icon to appear... maybe that hasn't happened on this latest installation ?

Yes, i know that. But i dont want to touch the filesystem because is an enterprise server. So i decided to use context with flow setting and persist it in memory.

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