Stream MP3 from server to client player

I'm trying to serve protected audio content [mp3] via a NR http endpoint:

ie: http in: [GET]

I tried to many failed attempts to getting it to work.
HTTP IN -> Read File Node (non public mp3) -> HTTP Response

The Read File node I've tried to set as binary, and multi-part buffer... but can't seem to get these to work.

I've tried to set various headers in the HTTP Response node:
Content-Type : audio/mpeg
Transfer-Encoding : chunked
Content-Disposition : inline

and client side:

    <audio controls>
           <source src="" type="audio/mpeg">
            Your browser does not support the audio element.

The mp3 is fairly lengthy, so chunking the data out is ideal.

I get a blank player with 0:00 length.
I've also tried to set the Content-Length to the byte count of the mp3 file being served.
Still no go.
I can easily access the file in public folders, but this defeats the purpose of protecting the content to allow access to authorized users only.

What am I missing?

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