String to IEEE 754 Converter

For my Project to write with a dashdoard slider to my DDC controller i need to convert the Decimal value to a IEEE-754 Floating Point.
On this site i found a correct working converter. IEEE-754 Floating Point Converter
is it possible to do this calculation witch a function? i attempted various functions but never get the correct Hexadecimal

can anyone help me with this one?

Hi, there is this flow for your question

ok thank you, tried that one before... get this when i inject a value 44 DEC
2021-04-13 21_30_11-Window

I need the other way arround.

In what form do you want the result and what do you want to do with it?

i need to inject a string to a function. the input is for instance 44 the output must be like 0x42300000

or 42300000

The question is why do you need to do it?

i want to inject this to a DDC controller. to set a temperature with a slider. i want to merge this output into a UDP massage.

@Steve-Mcl can your buffer-parser node convert a number into a buffer containing the IEEE float value?

Hi Colin. No, only standard buffer functions (node is Buffer doesn't do IEEE754 AFAIK)

@rogier are you using node-red v1.3.x? If so, you could use this IEEE754 npm module in a function node.

ok thank you, i upgrade Node Red to 1.3.2 and installed the module, have you any idea how the function code must look like? can't find any examples.... :grimacing:

Hi @rogier , i have found this (JavaScript (Node.js) IEEE 754 Single precision Floating-Point (32-bit) binary conversion from and to both Hex and Bin · GitHub) and i put in a function node.

float32toHex.json (1019 Byte)

hello Folgore, Thank You ! this is working.. :ok_hand: