Subflow field labels increase width

Could the field label in the subflow be increased a little bit ?
It is currently 100px which is not a lot of text.

additional requests:

  • add a field duplication option in the subflow environment variables, it is a lot of work to populate 2 select boxes with the same values but with different fieldnames.
  • if the field type is set to none, it produces a span <span> </span> with a space in between, which causes an empty space to be printed below, would be a bit nicer without the empty space:

Hi, Can you clarify where exactly this name field is ? Both the subflow edit properties name field and a subflow instance name field are already much wider than 100px.
(and I don't recognise one with Foreground Color mentioned)

These properties are set in the environment variables in a subflow (there they end up with 100px).

I changed them to fgColor and bgColor instead, example

Ah right. yes that is the standard across the whole of Node-RED.

Yes, wouldn't hurt to make it a bit wider throughout NR ?

so 105 ? 110 ?
or let's just call it a design constraint :slight_smile:

Yes indeed. Every time I create a custom node, I run into this limitation. So finding shorter words has become some kind of second nature :joy:.
When I see Foreground color" my brain immediately thinks: hell no, this will never fit into that small area. Hopefully "Front color" or something like that will fit...

Here's the problem. If we change the default it will likely break the layouts of lots of nodes that have some hardcoded CSS in them.

We could change the default for the generated property list used by subflows as we are in complete control of that panel.

But I also think we should look at improving the overall CSS/structure that node edit dialogs should follow - but done in a way that allows old and new to co-exist - ie by making the 'new' opt-in via adding a particular CSS class to the top of your node's edit dialog.


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