Subflow node.status

I have been developing some subflows recently, the biggest thing I miss is the ability to use node.status in function nodes and the fact that there is no indication on trigger nodes etc etc, it makes tracking down problems very difficult in fact on several occasions I have had to resort to pasting the flows from my subflow back into a normal page (deleting all of the $parent. statements etc) just to find why a subflow is not working as expected.

I know I can add the status node which displays stuff under/on the subflow node and I can add an extra output or two to the subflow node and feed them to a debug nodes outside the subflow which is useful but in reality it doesn't replace the need for node.status indication.

I am guessing there has to be a big reason why 'node.status' does not work in subflows but thought I would ask if theirs any chance in the future this could be implemented.

I also noticed that in 10.0.2 the dotted lines are now normal lines ... actually I didn't mind the dotted lines it was a reminder that I was working on a subflow another point that has cought me out several times is in a subflow global.get( does not need $parent. but flow.get( does .. ok I get that global is everywhere, flow.get( is specifically from the flow containing the subflow node but its still a bitch when you forget.

Imagine a flow file that uses ten instances of the subflow. If you open the subflow in the editor which one of the ten instances would you like to see the status for?

Hmmm I never used one subflow multiple times so I guess your right it would be a problem.

When building the sub-flow where you assign how many inputs/outputs there are, there is a button with status node.

Add a status-all node and connect it to the newly created status node and you will see any node.status( ) messages below the sub-flow node.