Subflow - pass a payload value as input value on subflow

Hi all.

I'm trying to pass a payload value as a input value on a subflow node.
How can I pass the current value to subflow ?

Thanks in advance for the help & time.

Hi @nsoares, welcome to the forum.

The subflow properties act as environment variables inside the subflow - they are evaluated when the subflow is first started and cannot be changed dynamically.

Thanks @knolleary. Great tool!

So I can only pass a static value into a subflow that will be used by the Eviroment Vaiables ??? This value cannot come from a payload value ??

You cannot set a Subflow Property from a message property.

But you can, of course, message messages into the subflow and use its properties within the flow as you would a normal form. You just cannot use message properties to set subflow properties.

Sorry..I'm new at this.
What do you mean by "message messages" ?
Can you share an example for better understanding?

Sorry - that was a typo.

I meant to say you can pass messages into the subflow and use its properties within the flow as you would another flow.

Hopefully nick won't mind me helping here. I suspect that was a typo and he meant 'send messages' or something similar. So if you want to use a value that is in then you can just pass that message into the subflow and use nodes in there to take whatever action you need based on that state. So for example you might use a Switch node configured to test that value and send the message down different paths dependent on the value, or indeed on whether is present in the message at all.

Got it ! Thanks to all! Really helpful

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