Successive deployments increase CPU load


I noticed that repetitive deployments increase the CPU load. I noticed it first on 0.19.5 but it still holds for 0.20.2. Stopping and starting Node Red reduces the load to a normal level.


I did several (like 20 to 30) deployments during 2000 and 2300.

I'm running NR on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspian, Node v10.15.0.

Is this a known behaviour?



Hi @guardiande. No, this isn't a known behaviour.

I can't say we explicitly check this sort of thing in our tests, but we haven't had any similar reports.

It could well be a node you are using failing to free up some resource or stop some processing when the deploy is done.

Tracking down that node would require some detective work. What nodes are you using in your flows?



You also need to check some other metrics on your Pi. Such as SWAP use. Because the Pi's typically use SD cards for storage, paging things from memory to swap and back has a significant overhead.

Without understanding a lot more about what is running on the Pi, how active things are and so on, it is hard to make a judgement.

This is from my Pi3:

And this from my much busier Pi2:

As you can see, under relatively busy conditions, the loads are so variable it would be hard to pick out a trend like yours.

What I can see though is that your average CPU load is quite high. I think my Pi2 is quite busy but average overall is relatively low still.



Here's the full list of installed nodes:

Nodes                                                       Types                      State
node-red-contrib-alexa-local/alexa-local                    alexa-local                enabled
node-red-contrib-better-sonos/better-sonos-config           better-sonos-config        enabled
node-red-contrib-better-sonos/better-sonos-control          better-sonos-control       enabled
node-red-contrib-better-sonos/better-sonos-get-queue        better-sonos-get-queue     enabled
node-red-contrib-better-sonos/better-sonos-queue            better-sonos-queue         enabled
node-red-contrib-better-sonos/better-sonos-status           better-sonos-status        enabled
node-red-contrib-bigtimer/bigtimer                          bigtimer                   enabled
node-red-contrib-cast/cast-to-client                        cast-to-client             enabled
node-red-contrib-contextbrowser/contextbrowser              contextbrowser             enabled
node-red-contrib-eztimer/eztimer                            eztimer                    enabled
node-red-contrib-flow-combine/Flow-Combine                  Combine Start              enabled
                                                            Combine End
node-red-contrib-fritz/fritzbox                             fritzbox-config            enabled
node-red-contrib-fritz/fritzbox-callmonitor                 fritzbox-callmonitor       enabled
node-red-contrib-fritz/fritzbox-contact                     fritzbox-contact           enabled
node-red-contrib-huemagic/hue-bridge                        hue-bridge                 enabled
node-red-contrib-huemagic/hue-bridge-node                   hue-bridge-node            enabled
node-red-contrib-huemagic/hue-brightness                    hue-brightness             enabled
node-red-contrib-huemagic/hue-group                         hue-group                  enabled
node-red-contrib-huemagic/hue-light                         hue-light                  enabled
node-red-contrib-huemagic/hue-motion                        hue-motion                 enabled
node-red-contrib-huemagic/hue-scene                         hue-scene                  enabled
node-red-contrib-huemagic/hue-switch                        hue-switch                 enabled
node-red-contrib-huemagic/hue-tap                           hue-tap                    enabled
node-red-contrib-huemagic/hue-temperature                   hue-temperature            enabled
node-red-contrib-influxdb/influxdb                          influxdb                   enabled
                                                            influxdb out
                                                            influxdb batch
                                                            influxdb in
node-red-contrib-lgtv/lgtv-app                              lgtv-app                   enabled
node-red-contrib-lgtv/lgtv-browser                          lgtv-browser               enabled
node-red-contrib-lgtv/lgtv-button                           lgtv-button                enabled
node-red-contrib-lgtv/lgtv-channel                          lgtv-channel               enabled
node-red-contrib-lgtv/lgtv-config                           lgtv-config                enabled
node-red-contrib-lgtv/lgtv-control                          lgtv-control               enabled
node-red-contrib-lgtv/lgtv-mouse                            lgtv-mouse                 enabled
node-red-contrib-lgtv/lgtv-mute                             lgtv-mute                  enabled
node-red-contrib-lgtv/lgtv-request                          lgtv-request               enabled
node-red-contrib-lgtv/lgtv-toast                            lgtv-toast                 enabled
node-red-contrib-lgtv/lgtv-volume                           lgtv-volume                enabled
node-red-contrib-lgtv/lgtv-youtube                          lgtv-youtube               enabled
node-red-contrib-light-scheduler/light-scheduler            light-scheduler            enabled
node-red-contrib-light-scheduler/light-scheduler-settings   light-scheduler-settings   enabled
node-red-contrib-moment/humanizer                           humanizer                  enabled
node-red-contrib-moment/moment                              moment                     enabled
node-red-contrib-openhab2/openhab2                          openhab2-controller        enabled
node-red-contrib-persist/persist                            persist-store              enabled
                                                            persist in
                                                            persist out
node-red-contrib-pushover/pushover                          pushover-keys              enabled
                                                            pushover api
node-red-contrib-schedex/schedex                            schedex                    enabled
node-red-contrib-simple-gate/gate                           gate                       enabled
node-red-contrib-stoptimer/stoptimer                        stoptimer                  enabled
node-red-contrib-string/string                              string                     enabled
node-red-contrib-sun-position/moon-position                 moon-position              enabled
node-red-contrib-sun-position/position-config               position-config            enabled
node-red-contrib-sun-position/sun-position                  sun-position               enabled
node-red-contrib-sun-position/time-comp                     time-comp                  enabled
node-red-contrib-sun-position/time-inject                   time-inject                enabled
node-red-contrib-sun-position/time-span                     time-span                  enabled
node-red-contrib-sun-position/within-time-switch            within-time-switch         enabled
node-red-contrib-time-range-switch/time-range-switch        time-range-switch          enabled
node-red-contrib-timerswitch/timerswitch                    timerswitch                enabled
node-red-contrib-traffic/traffic                            traffic                    enabled
node-red-contrib-uibuilder/uibuilder                        uibuilder                  enabled
node-red-contrib-wait-paths/wait-paths                      wait-paths                 enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_audio                                 ui_audio                   enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_base                                  ui_base                    enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_button                                ui_button                  enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_chart                                 ui_chart                   enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_colour_picker                         ui_colour_picker           enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_date_picker                           ui_date_picker             enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_dropdown                              ui_dropdown                enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_form                                  ui_form                    enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_gauge                                 ui_gauge                   enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_group                                 ui_group                   enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_link                                  ui_link                    enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_numeric                               ui_numeric                 enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_slider                                ui_slider                  enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_spacer                                ui_spacer                  enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_switch                                ui_switch                  enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_tab                                   ui_tab                     enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_template                              ui_template                enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_text                                  ui_text                    enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_text_input                            ui_text_input              enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_toast                                 ui_toast                   enabled
node-red-dashboard/ui_ui_control                            ui_ui_control              enabled
node-red-node-email/email                                   e-mail                     enabled
                                                            e-mail in
node-red-node-feedparser/feedparse                          feedparse                  enabled
node-red-node-rbe/rbe                                       rbe                        enabled
node-red-node-sentiment/sentiment                           sentiment                  enabled
node-red-node-tail/tail                                     tail                       enabled
node-red-node-timeswitch/timeswitch                         timeswitch                 enabled
node-red-node-twitter/twitter                               twitter-credentials        enabled
                                                            twitter in
                                                            twitter out
node-red/batch                                              batch                      enabled
node-red/catch                                              catch                      enabled
node-red/change                                             change                     enabled
node-red/comment                                            comment                    enabled
node-red/CSV                                                csv                        enabled
node-red/debug                                              debug                      enabled
node-red/delay                                              delay                      enabled
node-red/exec                                               exec                       enabled
node-red/file                                               file                       enabled
                                                            file in
node-red/function                                           function                   enabled
node-red/HTML                                               html                       enabled
node-red/httpin                                             http in                    enabled
                                                            http response
node-red/httpproxy                                          http proxy                 enabled
node-red/httprequest                                        http request               enabled
node-red/inject                                             inject                     enabled
node-red/JSON                                               json                       enabled
node-red/link                                               link in                    enabled
                                                            link out
node-red/mqtt                                               mqtt in                    enabled
                                                            mqtt out
node-red/range                                              range                      enabled
node-red/rpi-gpio                                           rpi-gpio in                enabled
                                                            rpi-gpio out
node-red/sort                                               sort                       enabled
node-red/split                                              split                      enabled
node-red/status                                             status                     enabled
node-red/switch                                             switch                     enabled
node-red/tcpin                                              tcp in                     enabled
                                                            tcp out
                                                            tcp request
node-red/template                                           template                   enabled
node-red/tls                                                tls-config                 enabled
node-red/trigger                                            trigger                    enabled
node-red/udp                                                udp in                     enabled
                                                            udp out
node-red/unknown                                            unknown                    enabled
node-red/watch                                              watch                      enabled
node-red/websocket                                          websocket in               enabled
                                                            websocket out
node-red/XML                                                xml                        enabled
node-red/YAML                                               yaml                       enabled

I quite extensively use the alexa-local and openhab2 functionality.

Are there any good hints on how to analyze the node.js activity in terms of event loop and synchronous activity, e.g. what is it doing. Something like a sampling or stacktrace of the running process?



Oh, sorry. The graph is misleading: The CPU load on the machine is comfortably below 20%, I'm just filling up with the idle percentage (the space between the orange and the green line).

The effect (user load increases with each deployment - the orange line) is 100% reproducible and is not caused by other workloads on the machine.



If you run something like 'top' you will see which processors are consuming the processor, which may be helpful.



As knolleary suggested, it is most likely that one node or other isn't freeing up it's resources correctly when we re-deploy (i.e. not shutting down old ports, links, listeners, etc correctly). However, given the extensive list you have provided - finding the one (or several) - is going to be hard. The brute force approach is to remove them one at a time, and re-measure - but that will no doubt break your flow as well.



Would I be right in thinking that it is likely that if @guardiande was doing partial deploys rather than full deploys and still sees the issue, then that would indicate that it is likely to be to do with nodes being re-deployed?

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Well clearly moment and uibuilder can't be a problem :wink:



I think that could be a clever way, just move a node a bit in the editor, make a partial deploy, check. Repat for all nodes one by one, hopefully the blaming one is found



I generally recommend glances which is a Python-based tool. Although it takes a fair bit of processor itself, it is great for a quick peek into what's happening.

If you need longer-term monitoring, you could do worse than use a combination of InfluxDB, Telegraf (from the same people, which can monitor lots of different things and logs the outputs to all sorts of places including InfluxDB) and Grafana to give you the charts and dashboard - that's what produced the charts I showed.



It is out of question that it is Node Red causing the increasing CPU load.



Although I only took a quick look at glances I come to the conclusion that this is at much to high abstraction level (like top) to debug the issue.

I need something like jstack for Java applications, not sure if there's such a thing for node.js apps.



Good idea, will check that out.



You should check that it is the node-red process, rather than something associated with node-red. It is not inconceivable that it is influx for example as it is could be affected by the re-deploys. Or perhaps one of the added nodes uses a server of some sort that is being re-invoked so you end up with multiple copies of it.



This is what I meant. It is definitely the NR process.



What are you using to measure and produce the graph?



This is a concert of collectd on the Pi for collecting the system statistics, Influxdb for storing the time-series data and Grafana for visualizing it.



Meanwhile I did some tests: Restarting the flows repeatedly as possible with NR 0.20 expectedly causes the load to increase. I then deployed only changes flows and did that with every single flow that I have repeatedly several times. This causes no load increase.

I suspect the configuration nodes to cause the increase.




To go further, you can use the --inspect flag and use a Chromium based browser - I'm using Vivaldi or use the debug features of VScode - documented on my blog and elsewhere.