SVG-Graphics cx_hide


I would like to show/hide an element in an svg graphic.

I looked at a few things about this and via cx_hide it also works in template (with function "return {
payload: msg.payload,
topic: "xxxx@cx_hide"

However, not in the svg.

Does anyone have an idea for me please.

thanks greetings

Hi @ninaaa,

In the manual you can find a demo about changing the visibility of an svg element. Does that help?


Thanks for the tip.
Unfortunately, something always doesn't work for me!

Since I work with S7 I get the message
"A msg.payload is required (msg._msgid = '5c16bb24d2fe53cc')" always with a different msgid.

I couldn't recreate the error any other way!

The ON/HIDE works, but the error message always comes up.

I've just solved the problem.
I used two changes, now I have solved it with one cahnge and two rules and the problem is no longer there!


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