SWI-Prolog pengines-rpc node


I have written a palette module to make node-red query a remotely running SWI-Prolog pengines server.

This gives access to SWI-Prolog as a reasoning engine. Additionally, pengines servers often expose other services.

Unlike a conventional query, one can send a turing complete Prolog program. This is quite useful, for example, when one needs to sort through a bunch of data on a remote server, but you expect the number of rows ultimately returned to be small.

I'll deploy through the normal contrib mechanism when it's robust enough. For now it's pretty alpha,


Raivo Laanemets has updated node-red-pengines to version 2.0 of pengines.js


And I made a few cosmetic fixes, at suggestion of Nick O'leary, and we've released 1.0.2