Switch node not triggering

I have a switch node which checks a Alexa node for voice commands. Many of them work, but I have one in particular which doesnt and I am struggling to understand why...

In the screenshot, lights on, lights off, tv on all work. Lounge air con on or lounge air con off dont. And looking at the debug output, lounge air con off should trigger ? I have a debug on that output and its not showing anything, I have tried using 'contains' instead of '==' but its still not working.

Are you certain there is a wire attached to output 5?

When you say the switch node is not working, do you mean that you do not get an output from the switch node? Is so then show us what is going into the switch node. And what comes out of the relevant output.

There was no wire attached to output 5... but it was not triggering the following nodes, so something wasn't working properly.
I am having trouble with some of my voice commands lately. I think by chance I have found the reason, and I'll have to put that into another post. My alexa node says listening, but some of my alexas when I say alexa, it does not show event fired under the node. So the node is then not listening. I think that is the issue why a lot of my voice commands dont work. But I think its best if I put that into another post. Once I got that working, I can check again if I still have issues with my switch node.
What is going into the switch node, is in the screen shot on the right, debug 167 is connected to the alexa listen node, and that is also connected to the switch node input

What does a debug node on output 5 show?

The same as the input now. I have to find out first if the issue might be coming from the alexa input node not firing when I say alexa. Once that issue has been resolved, I can see if the switch node fires reliably. As it used to work reliably and I have not changed the flow, I suspect its all the alexa input node. But I did not see that until after I posted thinking it was the switch node...

So there is nothing wrong with the switch node. I suggest you change the thread title to something meaningful and describe what the actual problem is.

I have started a new thread. So maybe we can close this one ?