Syntax for deprecated context.myvar instead of context.set()

I don't know if im having an especially slow day but I cant figure out the syntax for the "deprecated" method to use and set context variables that was used before context.get().
Why do I need it? Im running into the circular error because i need to save an array of several setTimeouts to a context variable.
I found in another thread that the recommended way would be to utilize the deprecated syntax but I never used it and I adont seam to be able to figure out bymyself what it is. :frowning:
So can someone give me an example please.

stay healthy Johannes

You can just set context.myvar = "whatever"

That sets the myvar property of the context object. That is not the same as doing context.set("myvar", "whatever") - which stores the property inside the context store itself.

So having done context.myvar = "xyz" you can only access it again as context.myvar. You cannot use context.get("myvar") or access it with a Change node etc.

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