Table like input


Hello forum people,

I´m not an expert in Node Red, so maybe you could help me. Thanks in advance!!

I would like to work with the following input received from a table from an email :


The main program will work at the begin with the second row, and turning a light on if the start is at that moment. After it will do the same with the next row.

Could you help me?



Hi there. Just a suggestion...

Instead of someone creating a table in an email, why not create an input form (using the dashboard nodes) for the user to enter batch data directly?

Alternatively, if this data exists in a database, connect to the db and get it directly?

As for how to parse the table of data into an array or object, there are many ways - a quick search of "HTML table to JSON" revealed this post...

Might be a good place to start.



break the task down into chuncks.

Start with trying to get node-red to read the email and then work on getting the data from the html to a javascript object that Node-RED can understand ( the html node might be useful here). use debug nodes to understand what the nodes are doing and how your data gets changed

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