Table top rpg calculations for voip games

Hey guys and gals, just installed node-red and I have a very specific target in mind. I have a table top system based on risus that me and my friends really got into playing. But university jobs and family has broken the group up and spread them around the country so I wanted to make a web app that handles all the damage calculations so that we can get the group together on voip and still enjoy a game. So my question to you wonderful people is this, using the very simple flowchart I have designed can anyone suggest the best way to go or point me in the direction of some educational resources that will be relevant to my goals. I am a blender user so I know how to work with nodes but when it comes to coding I am a newbie. Thanks in advance and I think node-red is going to be allot of fun


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Note that your "flowchart" is not a flowchart. Perhaps you should be more elaborate in describing the steps, then you could almost one-to-one implement it in node-red.

I would highly recommend this playlist of node-red introduction.

Gotta say that's pretty pedantic but yea fair enough cheers I shall check them out

I am sure that @bakman2 will feel very flattered to hear you say that. Being pedantic is a highly desirable trait in the IT arena and being told that one is pedantic is considered high praise indeed.


Interesting, I've been thinking about doing something like this for an old board game I have.

So this seems pretty simple. I would think that you would want to create a Character object that would include each players name, character type, health, attack modifier and defence modifer. You'll probably need monster objects too.

You might want to store them all in a database (maybe sqlite).

At the start of a fight, you would read the players character object and maybe store it in a flow variable. Same with the monster. Then use the random node to generate the dice roll and calculate the effect on the player and monsters health. Update the floow variable and store the result back in the data base and go on to the next player.

Something like that depending on the rules of the game.

That sounds like a fantastic idea, I was thinking of doing somthing a little more hands on, having to select individual calculators for each monster and building the encounters so 4x player and a customisable amount of enemies. But with what you have suggested those encounters could be pre scripted aswell.