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id like to implement in my project this

in which node i have to insert?

Now i inserted javascrip code in template node but filter not worked

Thank you very much for your support

You can use ui-table. This is based on tabulator. Using ui_control messages you can basically use the full capacity of tabulator.

Perhaps my last answer was a little bit short (posted on the go), sorry for that

What I wanted to suggest. You can place a dropdonw widget as a field selector and type together with an input widget for the value and collect the outputs (perhaps in flow context). A button widget can then send a command to activate the filter function of tabulator:


The javascript code: table.setFilter("age", ">", 10); translate to this message to be send to ui-table to activate the filter


Note: I have not tested the code.

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thank you Christian!
for download command is the same?

i have to do like this

arguments: ,
returnPromise: true
return msg;


Sorry I wasn’t notified about your question because you probably did not reply on my message ...

Can you please use the Preformatted text Function when you post code, this makes it easier to read."csv", "data.csv", {delimiter:"."}); //download a CSV file that uses a fullstop (.) delimiter

The download function has one necessary (type) and two optional parameters (filename and options). And no promise. So you are close

Put this into a button widget as payload (JSON)

    "command": "download",
    "arguments": [
            "delimiter": ";"
    "returnPromise": false

Like this node

[{"id":"535ce004.8832e","type":"ui_button","z":"c4712650.59b5e8","name":"","group":"ff9fdb9a.7da098","order":14,"width":"4","height":"1","passthru":false,"label":"Download","tooltip":"click to download","color":"","bgcolor":"","icon":"","payload":"{\"command\":\"download\",\"arguments\":[\"csv\",\"table.csv\",{\"delimiter\":\";\"}],\"returnPromise\":false}","payloadType":"json","topic":"","topicType":"str","x":706,"y":1190,"wires":[["2e6a6379.742abc"]]},{"id":"ff9fdb9a.7da098","type":"ui_group","name":"TEST","tab":"7dcc246f.ee661c","order":1,"disp":false,"width":"8","collapse":false},{"id":"7dcc246f.ee661c","type":"ui_tab","name":"TEST","icon":"dashboard","order":3,"disabled":false,"hidden":false}]

This time the code is tested :wink:

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Thank you Christian!!!

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