Tabulator ui_control callback

hi hello .
here in this example I create a table and I make a dropdown columns the problem here is how I can make the table send me a callback when when i change the value of the "desart " columns
this is the json code :

    "tabulator": {
        "columns": [
                "title": "codeart",
                "field": "codeart"
                "title": "desart",
                "field": "desart",
                "align": "center",
                "editor": "select",
                "editorParams": {
                    "values": [
                        "choice 1",
                        "choice 2",
                        "choice 3"
                "title": "qteart",
                "field": "qteart",
                "align": "center"
        "autoResize": true,
        "layout": "fitColumns",
        "movableColumns": true,
        "groupBy": ""

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