Tado flow multi radiators

Hello People,

We have our home installed with 8 radiators and tado.

Big room have main thermostat from tado and the 2 radiators in that room a tado valve

Then we have 5 small rooms each with 1 tado valve and 1 big bedroom with 1 tado valve

The problem or heating system from intergas is to powerfull on low setting to only heat 1 room at the time for example 1 small room with 1 valve. We need to open 3 valves in that time.

So my idear is:

Set small room for example to 22 degree
Then 2 other small rooms valves also need to open automatically

But when i close one of these rooms by hitting the set point it need to stay open. When i close the room where i set the temp. It need to close the other rooms to. This also need to work visa versa

Can someone help me out where to start, i am new in node red have some flows working for lights and Google home

Your boiler should be able to heat just one rad, once the heating circuit is up to temp it should turn of the burner and just run the pump. If this is not happening you need to contact a heating engineer and sort the issue. Hacking a fix is not the way to go.

Thats not possible, my radiator is 2kw and my intergas system hre 28/24 can run on his lowest 4kw. So no that is unpossible

It is possible. The boiler puts out 4kw , heats the heating loop , once heating loop is up to temp the burner shuts down and pump keeps running. The 2kw rad dissipates heat and cools the loop, once loop cools the burner should fire up again. As long as there is a call for heat from a thermostat or smart valve, the boiler should just keep heating loop up to temp. Again if this is not happening you need to look at why.

That is not how it works. The hre will go of on all the time in steat of slow heating. The radiators flow is to low for 1 and the power of the ch.

I already invested a lot of time on dutch forum with people and 2 guys doing this installations as daily job. What you said is just unpossible

That's why i ask if someone could help me out getting a flow setup

So on topic please

Not a terribly efficient approach but I've seen a number of articles highlighting that there are boiler systems where going round and turning off TRV's in rooms you aren't using may be a bad thing for this very reason.

Unfortunately though, I'm not sure any of the "smart" heating systems support that kind of mode.

Do you mean that it is more efficient to waste heat than to switch it? Which intergas boiler have you got?

I will leave you to your opinion , but i will say that is how it works, and i have installed 1000's of heating systems in my time, and my home system can heat 1 rad with a 24kw boiler with no issues., my boiler will cycle the burner off and on, this is normal for a boiler once circuit is up to temp.

Have you worked with a intergas HRE /26/24 with modulation pump, these things are not working like a old system

I have installed intergas boilers last one was about 1 year ago, can not remember the model but it was a hre boiler, it functions as i describe. Just looked at pdf for similar model, could not find a 26/24, and I see no reason why it can not heat a single rad.

you dont want to have a installtion that goes on or off, then it lose his rendement. radiator water need to come cool back to do codensating, so radiators are installed with a debiet, means less flow and intergas don't notice a quick diffrence in temp on the water retour hose

Boilers are designed to turn off and on when heating loop is upto temp, it will not affect efficiency (rendement) if you want to have efficient condensation set the boiler for 55 - 65 degrees C. If water is returning hot the boiler burner will shut down and condensation is moot at that time, as there is no condensation as burner is not burning.

Can you point to something on their website that explains about that please?

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