TCP connection over lan apk

This must be a silly question most probably but my knowledge on programming is very limited.

I have one application that works on my mobile only when I'm connected to my lan to control remotely a printer.

I'm also able to connect to the printer and use a fet readings and controls with some specific software that is not designed for this printer indicating a TCP connection and the port, however as this windows application is not designed for this printer some info and some commands don't work.

I tried in node red to set a tcp node to a debug in order if I was able to read the data somehow, most probably this was a stupid assumption that obiously didn't work.

There is any way I can try to understand how to send and receive info via TCP to this specific IP on my lan? As the application from my mobile phone does, I don't know if maybe is some way to monitor the traffic and understand how it works.

Thanks in advance

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Hey, have you found a solution on how to send/receive info to specific IP ?

Use wireshark to see the traffic and work out what is sent and what the reply is. Then you can inject these commands yourself.