TCP connection pool: better separation

Hello list!

Today I learnt that if one feed TCP reply node with message without _session it will go to all client connections across the whole project, not limited with current flow.

This fact is indeed written in the node help and I knew that, but so far I had only one TCP gate in my project and it's been behaving well.

By TCP gate I mean a TCP In node which maps incoming messages to my flow and maps messages from the flow to TCP Out Reply node. When a message comes from the flow it has no _session and naturally goes to all connected clients.

However, now I have two such TCP gates and I must distinguish all connected clients to gate A from all connected clients to gate B.

So basically I'd like to extend _session to contain another identifier -- I believe TCP In node name could go well. So that messages unaware of particular could still be routed to subset of connectionPool by providing This change should not impact existings flows.

If it is unwanted to touch anything in the core, please explain how to reliably keep actual list of connected clients of a specific TCP In node in context? Given connectionPool is hidden and status node does not provide session info upon common.status.[dis]connected.