TCP-Handhake with JVC

I have projector D-Ila. I use a node "TCP request" (as here TCP/IP 3 way handshake) I'm trying to set up a connection. I manage to send the first command, but the connection remains open. This means that I can't start the pairing process again.
Tried all the return options, messages are sent in the desired format only with setup "keep the connection open".
But when I disable the node and deploy again, the process can start. Is it possible to start each command with the pairing process?
This is a part of original manual. Thank you!

the problem is that the connection remains open, and each command must be accompanied by a handshake.
Is there any way to force the connection to close before the next command?

There is no reaction on inject node after first command

The connection should be closed as soon as it has received the reply (unless set not to close - or not to wait for reply) - so either on timeout or after a certain number of characters.

unfortunately, if I close the connection, I will have to go through the pairing procedure again. After connecting, the projector asks "PJ_OK", I answer" PJREQ", the projector answers" PJACK", then I send any command. Each response contains a different number of characters, and there are no other characteristics that would allow you to close by character. When I close by time, I get a response in the buffer only after closing the connection and it is unreadable

It would be great if you could immediately open a new connection through the same node.

sorry - I'm not quite understanding the problem... you want to close the connection ? The spec says it will close automatically after 5 secs doesn't it ? Or you just need to keep sending some (maybe dummy) command every 4 secs to keep it alive ?
Or maybe look at the tcp in and out pair of nodes instead.

What does the timed out buffer look like ? It may just have some extra control characters in that can be removed.

Is this by any chance about the same thing as topic TCP/IP 3 way handshake?

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