TCP Host Address via msg.payload?

GO HERO! Documentation is the "not so fun" part. I appreciate it.

hello ,I am a beginner about node-red .
I do not know how to send the message to the TCP request.
I have already open by setting and msg.port .but When I send command to the TCP request. "host and/or port not set" happened.
I do not know how to send message ?ex. I want to send message "abcd" to TCP request.
how should I do (string:

Why do you need to do that? You have added your question on the end of an existing thread, did you read through the thread first to see if there was useful information there?

Thank you for help and support.
I got it

Hello, for this node
I want to know how to set the return time, I try to assign value to msg.xx, but it is always wrong, must be hard coded, enter a specific number, can I dynamically enter the parameter, I also don't see the node information related to this time

This thread is about setting the host address. You have already asked how to set the time in your previous thread. Please keep further discussion to that thread. I will close this one as it is two years old.