TCP/IP beacon on Raspberry

Hi all!
I'm trying to understand which colud be the better configuration (hardware / software) to do this job:
I have a BluEpyc gateway that receive advertises from many beacons and I would that the Gateway could send this advertises to a Raspberry by TCP/IP protocol.
I would use Node-Red to do something when the Rasp receive them.
I read about the "modbus" that could be a board to connect to the Rasp.

Can you suggest me if this could be the best configuration or if there is somenthing more efficient?

Thanks a lot!

I have been trying to understand the datasheet for the device. It says it has an onboard web server, but then it talks about a cloud server too, so I don't understand what the device actually provides.
If the device does have an onboard webserver then at the very least you should be able to interrogate that from node-red. Hopefully there should be an easier way though.

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