TCP Node replacing complete msg object. Not just payload

Since I upgraded to 0.19 I had a new bug that I had to track down.

It seems as if the TCP Request node is now replacing the complete msg object and not just the payload.

I was able to determine this by putting a debug node prior to and immediately after the TCP request node.

I could really use a workaround until this issue gets resolved.



Could you post an example flow that shows this?

A quick workaround is to use a change node before the Request node to store the values in flow variables, and a change node after it to restore the values.

I can't provide a flow because the tcp device would not be present and the flow would not work. I did take a snapshot of the flow where you can see the debug nodes prior to and right after the TCP request. And the debug windows showing the results.

For the workaround - what properties that are present before the TCP node do you need to pass on to the flow after the TCP node?

LOL, it looks like it is just the srcnum. Easy. I can make that happen. Thanks for making me take a second look.

This has already been fixed in git thanks to @boneskull and we'll release 0.19.2 tomorrow.

Great!! Thanks!!