TCP out node port question

Hi all, i recently started using the tcp out node to send some simple packets to a client.
So basically, i simply configure my node with ip and RX port of my client and then send my nice payloads to it. All is working fine.

When using Wireshark, though, i see that every message sent from the tcp out node are coming from a random port of the device that is running node-red.
My question is, is there a way to make the tcp out node use a fixed TX port? Because when the client receives the message and replies, it sends the reply to that same port. This means that on my "server" device that is running node-red i cannot configure the tcp in module to listen to a specific port cause in the application it keeps on changing.

Thanks in advance

If you are expecting replies then maybe the tcp-request node would be better as that can hold the port open until it gets a response (or leave it open).

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