TCP request node - manual disconnection / reconnection?

Hi there!

I am using the TCP request node to connect to one or two TCP servers. Everything works fine until e.g. the VPN connection to the host network disrupts. The TCP node doesn't recognize that the connection is dropped and when the VPN connection is reestablished, I can't use the TCP request node until I disable the node and enable it again.

Is there a way to do that via any message property?



You could use the ping node.
And once it fails, then responds again. resend your connection packets, to restart everything

Thanks, @marcus-j-davies,

so when I resend my connection packets, the TCP request node starts connection again. But do I have a chance to disconnect the node. That's because I need to select a different server if the configuration changes...

I think a local disconnection has been discussed recently.

However, the TCP request node does accept the following properties

  • msg.port

If you leave tcp host or port blank they must be set by using the and msg.port properties in every message sent to the node.

I would think an internal routine to dispose of a previous connection, will take place in such cases, but you will need to verify that with the core team.


So at the moment I can open up multiple connections by sending different combinations. For this scenario it would be great to give e.g. a


for the combination of host/port to get a single connection disconnected again.

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