Telegram: Live Location sharing stops after first submission

I'm trying to use Telegram's Live Location reporting to track the location of a mobile Android device in Node-RED (v1.3.5) using node-red-contrib-telegrambot (9.4.2).
I get a response (with lat, lon, time values) when I click 'Share my location for 15-minutes', but I don't get anything. I expected to receive updates at certain time intervals or when I've moved a certain distance.
I've tried driving around in my car using my mobile data - but still no joy.

Any ideas/suggestions/things to try - would be appreciated.

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I have tried. The updates come at pretty random distance change but definitely not short ones. I'd say about 70 - 100 meters. And seems for me that there is no time interval. And it may be that some accelerometer related events may also be part of triggering.
I was hoping to get much more points but at about hour of walking there was about 30 data-points.

Thanks for your response - I'll have to try a longer walk or maybe a cycle ride on Monday.

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I've given-up with trying to get Telegram Live Location Reporting to work and gone back to using Owntracks on my Android phone.
Managed to get Owntracks to report from my phone to Node-RED using the myqtthub broker.
Loads of points reported as you can see.

Here's my NR dashboard.

Hi Dave, in what mode are you running Owntracks? In earlier version I had to run it in "Move" mode but it was very hungry in power consumption, means more or less useless mode for a mobile phone, at least for my iPhone

Best regards, Walter

Hi Walter,
Like you I was running it in 'Move' mode. Just went out for a drive and a walk to see if it worked so not too bothered about battery life at this moment in time. I noticed there is a 'Significant Changes' mode (no idea what that does) that I'll try on Tuesday.
At the moment I'm really pleased I've got something reporting back to Node-RED.

Regards, David.

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Anybody has more experience with Telegram's Live Location 2.0 ?
Is it stable now using TelegramBot ?

I'd like to use it to manage pizza-delivery boys.
They need a 13+ hours working solution to send their location without great battery consumption.
Telegram is already running in the background, so it would be ideal.
... although "60sec / position" is not very fast.