Telegram not connecting: String[36] "Error stopping node: Close timed out"

I loaded node-red-contrib-telegrambot on Raspberry Pi4 using Node-Red Pallet
Then I create a bot with botfather.(and got a Token ,use r& chatID)

If I test sending messages via the Pi web browser it works. But I can not get it working via Node-Red !
But I don't get it working in Node-Red

I made sure of the following:
Only have one node red running with this Bot
Only one telegram bot in one flow
Only same telegram bot in one flow
Only one and same telegram bot in one flow
I did restart Pi after adding new Bot name to send / receive node

Debian 11.3 Bullseye (64Bit) Running on external SSD
Linux 5.15.32-v8+ arm64 LE
Node-RED version: v2.2.2
Node.js version: v14.19.3
node-red-contrib-telegrambot V11.3 (Installed via the Node-Red pallet)
mosquitto is an MQTT v5.0/v3.1.1/v3.1 broker.
influxdb 1.8.10-1
Grafana 8.5


  1. Why would a message go through with Pi web browser but not with Node-Red?
  2. Can it be a port clash. (Port already be used by other program?
  3. Does node-red-contrib-telegrambot use a specific port?

Link for simple echo Node-red flow Link


If you can share your NR flow it might help people to help you find where String[36] error is coming from.

Hi Dave. I added my code as a link. (It is a simple echo flow).

1 - the link you provided is not your node-red flow it is an html page
2 - most people will not down load a file.

To provide your flow, open NR and go to the hamburger menu. Select Export, click on all flows, click the "Copy to clipboard` and add it too a reply.

In order to make code readable and usable it is necessary to surround your code with three backticks (also known as a left quote or backquote ```)

   code goes here 

You can edit and correct your post by clicking the pencil :pencil2: icon.

See this post for more details - How to share code or flow json

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