Telegram Question - Changing editMessageText to a photo?

Seems like something easy but i just can't figure it out. I have a message for inline keyboard. All i want to do is add a photo into the message. Anyone able to help? Appreciate it

// This is the message id of the initial keyboard that is simply exchanged by a new one.
var messageId =;

// This is a sample of how to send a second inline keyboard with modified buttons
var reply_markup = JSON.stringify({
    "inline_keyboard": [

            "text": "main menu",
            "callback_data": "baskettab"
            "text": "Back",
            "callback_data": "back"

var options = {
    chat_id: msg.payload[0].chatId,
    reply_markup: reply_markup,
    message_id: msg.payload[0].messageId

msg.payload.type = 'editMessageText';
msg.payload.content = msg.payload[1][0].proddesc;
msg.payload.options = options;

return [msg];

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