Temperature automation

hello !
im new at working with node red and i want to see the value of temperature in the dashboard, im using this type of sensor , https://www.akcp.com/products/intelligent-sensors/single-port-temperature-humidity-sensor/ , connected with this sensorprobe2 through an RJ45 https://www.akcp.com/products/sensorprobe-series/sensorprobe2/ , im using ADAM 6050 to control this project.
what should i do ?

step 1 would be to try and access the data through node-red. how can you access the data?

protocol modbus tcp/ip
i already did that

If you need help it’s useful to say which bit of your task you are stuck on.

If you can get the data into Node-RED, which bit can’t you do?

how to display the value of the temperature in the dashboard ? i want to use the gauge in node red but my device has only digital input/output, so what can i do?

Add a debug to what you have and post the results here. The dashboard nodes explain what format they need the data in

As you say, that device is digital I/O not temperature. If you want to display temperature you will have to use a sensor that measures temperature.

Well the sensorprobe web page describes it as having both a web interface and an snmp interface so you may be able to use either the http-request node to interrogate the web interface or the snmp node (http://flows.nodered.org) to ask it for snmp info.

But if you already have the info (where you said you "already did that") - can you pass it to a debug node to show us what you have got so far ?

Or do you mean that the temperature value is encoded in the digital signal, in which case, as Dave suggests, show us what data you are getting from it.