Tempertature automation

hello all !
im using the ACKP sensor to mesure the temperature, wich is plugged in a sensorprobe2.
the device sensorprobe2 has a default web interface wich allows me to see the value of the temperature, but i want to get data from that default interface to the dashboard of node red.
how can i do it ?
will mqtt protocol works?
thank you.

There are many ways of getting data into Node-RED which includes MQTT, http, serial.
But it really depends on what your "sensorprobe2" software can output.

There are many example flows on flows.nodered.org that might give you some ideas.

how can i know the kind o the output of my software?

Ask the supplier

As far as I can see it uses SNMP for getting and setting parameters.

There is an SNMP node:

thank you very much, it worked.

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