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I have a template button with the following send config. I am seeing the "stringvalue" in the debug output but can't figure out how to reference it when the path is simply "payload". Thanks.


Do you mean it is in msg.payload?
Show us what you see in the debug window and tell us where you are trying to reference it.

If I have this send: $scope.send({"topic":topic,"payload":"manual"}); this is what I get in the debug:

image ... this path is simply "payload".

I need to send it into a function where I need to reference in am "if statement

The path shown is the path inside the message, so you should use msg.payload. For example

if (msg.payload === "manual") {

Don't forget that often you don't need to use a Function. Perhaps a Switch node will do what you want, for example. It does depend on what you want to do of course.

Ok, I got it (not sure where I went wrong before) - thank you. Question why === , not == (which is what I've always been using).

I am still having a problem. In the UI template I have a bunch of text fields with a submit button + plus a toggle button to cycle between auto/manual. Is the toggle button msg out interfering with with the other data? Can it be called something else to differentiate?

<div flex="" style="margin 3px 0px 0px 7px" layout="row">

<div flex="35" style="padding:0 5px">    
    <div layout="column">
       <div><md-input-container><input aria-label="amt" ng-model="amt"></md-input-container></div> 
     <div layout="row">
        <div><md-checkbox ng-model="aut" aria-label="aut">A</md-checkbox></div> 
        <div><md-checkbox ng-model="sl_trl" aria-label="sl_trl">l*</md-checkbox></div> 

<div flex="15" style="padding:0 5px">    

      <div style="text-align:center"><md-input-container><input ng-model="sl" aria-label="sl"><span class=mylabel>SL</span></md-input-container></div>


<div flex="20" style="padding:0 5px">    

       <div style="text-align:center"><md-input-container><input ng-model="tp" aria-label="tp"><span class=mylabel>TP</span></md-input-container></div> 
<div flex="15" style="padding:0 5px">

       <div style="text-align:center"><md-input-container><input aria-label="tp_trl" ng-model="tp_trl"><span class=mylabel>TR</span></md-input-container></div>        

<div flex="15" style="padding:0 5px">

       <div style="text-align:center"><md-input-container><input aria-label="tm" ng-model="tm"><span class=mylabel>T</span></md-input-container></div>        



<div flex="" layout="row">
  <div flex="64" style = "text-align:center; margin: 0px 5px 0px 15px;"><md-button aria-label="set" class="md-accent md-hue-2 md-raised" ng-click="send({payload:{amt:amt, aut:aut, sl_trl:sl_trl, sl:sl, tp:tp, tp_trl:tp_trl, tm:tml}})">SET</md-button></div>
  <div flex="30" ><md-button id="mute-button" class="md-button remote-button" data-state="on"  ng-click="toggleMute()" ><i class="material-icons md-48">handshake</i></md-button></div>

(function($scope) {

    var btnSelector = "#mute-button";//Set the selector to match the button ID above
    var topic = "mode"; //edit me to suit - this is sent to your flow as msg.topic
    var icon1 = "toll";//on icon
    var icon2 = "handshake";//muted icon
    //create a function to call in ng-click (see the md-button attributes above)
    scope.toggleMute = function(){
        var $btn = $(btnSelector);
        var currentState = $btn.data("state");
        //if currently on, change to off state & send new payload
        if(currentState == "on"){
        } else {
    //watch for node-red msgs
    scope.$watch('msg', function(msg) {
        var $btn = $(btnSelector);
        if (msg) {
            if(msg.payload == "auto"){
            } else if(msg.payload == "manual"){
    //helper function to set the correct icon & update the "data-state" memory
    function mute($btn){
        var $ico = $btn.find("i");
        $btn.data("state","off");//set data-state to off (remember state)
        // $ico.removeClass("fa-volume_mute")
        // $ico.addClass("fa-volume_off")
    //helper function to set the correct icon & update the "data-state" memory
    function unmute($btn){
        var $ico = $btn.find("i");
        $btn.data("state","on");//set data-state to on (remember state)
        // ico.removeClass("fa-volume_off");
        // ico.addClass("fa-volume_mute");


I just realized that the toggle button sends out data from ALL of the input fields. I assumed it was only going to be the auto | manual flag. Does that make sense?

Sorry, that sort of code is not something I do often. Hopefully someone else can help.

Works for me. Output from toggle button;


Set button


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