Template widget checkbox toggle update issue


I'm creating a project in which I want to be able to check/uncheck a checkbox manually (by clicking) and also by an external source such as MQTT input etc. In my test I simulate the external source by an inject node currently.

I managed to find actually do this, although an issue sometimes occurs in which I have to refresh the page to see the updated checkbox. I found out it happens when I first toggle the checkbox manually and then afterwards with the inject node.

Does anyone know what may cause this issue? The problem does not occur if I only trigger it manually or only with the inject node.


When I had this issue it had something to do with the digest loop of angularjs. You can trigger the loop manually by


An example would be:

    <md-checkbox ng-model="data">
        Checkbox in an md-input-container

    (function(scope) {
        scope.data = false;
        //handle arriving messages
        scope.$watch('msg', function(msg) {
            if(msg !== undefined && msg !== null){
                    switch(msg.topic) {
                        case "cbx setting":
                                scope.data = msg.payload;


Where you can check the checkbox by this message:

{payload:true, topic:"cbx setting"}

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