Test ultrasonic sensor

Hy all, can you help me to doing tutorial about ultrasonic sensor?
Maybe you have something to try, please share.
Thank you

Are you writing a tutorial about ultrasonic sensors, or looking for help to build a project about ultrasonic sensors?

No, i have no tutorial, i looking for help to build a project about ultrasonic sensors, are you have?

The 'Share your project' category is for users who have already completed their project, so I've moved your thread to 'General' where someone may be able to help you.

It would be useful if you could explain in more detail what you are trying to build, what hardware you have, and what you have done so far.

Oh okay, thank you very much Paul-redd

So if you hape many information about it, please share to me, thank you

Can you provide this information.
If other users don't know this information, it will be difficult for them to help you.

As Paul said... we need information the hardware you are planning on using.

Meanwhile, here's a link to an ultrasonic distance mesuring system using a Wemos D1 Mini that talks to Node-RED via MQTT.


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hy dynamicdave, i have finished reading your ebook but i have no code to try the project you share, can you help me to try it?

You also need hardware as specified in the guide. Once you have it, it makes sense to continue. From there, just follow the guide, it is fully explained in steps what to do and how to setup the software required

are you have a tutorial?
I use nodeMCU board LOLIN V3

Pada tanggal Sen, 20 Apr 2020 11:55, Walter Krämbring via Node-RED Forum nodered@discoursemail.com menulis:

Hi @budiman098,
My tutorial is written primarily for the Wemos D1 Mini flashed with ESP Easy firmware.

It looks like your LOLIN V3 board contains an ESP8266 and CH340G chipset so it should be possible to flash this board so it behaves like the Wemos. I don't have one of these boards so cannot try it out.

You might find that someone else on the forum responds to say whether this is possible or not.

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