Text input node - bigger font

Hi all. So, may be I am stupid, but google cannot help me with this.
Is there a possibility to enlarge a text in Text input node (UI) of dashboard ?

Many thanks for quick answer.


Setup a CSS class in a ui-template that targets the input and adjusts the font size to your desired setting.

Some clues for you: Search results for 'ui text size' - Node-RED Forum (the first answer has a solution)

Mmmm, I mean Text input node. Is the same ? Because in standard text node you can also use <font size .....> in payload input. But in the Text Input node is not the same.

I meant specifically this comment: CSS to enlarge text size of single ui-text node value - #9 by MarkC

As I said:

TBF, that exact CSS selector (in the linked example) wont work for you out of the box - you need to determine the correct CSS selector for your input - but the theory is the same.

So sorry but I am newbie in NR and this could not help me. But thanks for your help.

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