The node that i created is' not working same at local and deployed environment

i'm creating object-detection-node and i checked its work well at local environment

so i moved node to deploy environment for check but the display for parameter setting of the node was different.... and that makes problem at working

is there someone who teachs me about the solution???

the error is that parameter Objects and Poses are undefined so, flow.context().get() method is not working

did you copy the Source code of another node as a basis for your node? If yes, then it is likely you did not rename the node properly to make it unique to the original.

Rather than understand what is happening - my question is why are you using context in your custom node at all?

i tried a few way to indject flow variable into .JS file but all of them failed except flow.context().get()

im not sure i understand well... um so you mean that there is probably one more node that has same name on server environment?

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